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Baking Stone

Baking Stone If you want to bake a perfectly crusty Italian baguette, you simply must use an oven-ready baking stone. Stone bakeware also provides the ideal baking surface for fresh homemade pizza pies. Here at Cookin' Stuff, you will find a fabulous array of the very finest in cooking and bakeware.

What shape of baking stone is right for you? The flat piece of crockery known as a baking stone has a slightly rough surface that disperses heat evenly. If you're not familiar with how baking stones work, take heart. It's not hard to get used to using your stone; it might even become one of your most beloved and well-used kitchen gadgets. What can you bake on a CookinStuff baking stone? Breads, pizzas and some meats. Stones used to baking discourage scorching and burning, allowing for nicely browned, not blackened, bread crusts. Stones are available in circular and rectangular shapes. If you're a serious chef or enthusiastic kitchen cook, go ahead and get at least one of each shape.

You can use your baking stone anywhere you'd use a cookie sheet. You can reheat pizza a baking stone, and the bottom will get crispy, but not scorch. Stones are hugely popular for baking fresh homemade pizza pies and fragrant holiday cookies. Oven stones are wonderful for reheating leftovers like pizza or anything that needs a crispy bottom without burning. Unless you need to roll out cold dough, heat your stone in the oven prior to use. You will find that you obtain superior results. Never wash your baking stone with soap. Soap will destroy the “seasoning” of the stone. Simply scrape the stone clean, and rinse it with hot water. See our selection of quality cookware by such name makers as All-Clad, RSVP International, NorPro, Oxo, Wilton and Cuisinart. Shop our site by brand name or price range.
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